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Reasons You Should Fall In Love With Valuation.

The trigger on that straightaway and they know I don’t have to go and wait for a weekend show on this property to who knows who but yeah it’s important to understand how real estate agent work so I spent a lot of time understanding sales understanding how real estate agent will then sell to a buyer so that I can go back to the age and and turn it back on to them so the I’m talking to the agent in the lingo that they want to hear Saul closing the sort of closing to the agent to get the result what we wan tand, when we get clients that cant understand why we get the deals rather than them, as I quite often relate it to a second-hand car yeah if you ‘ve ever sold a second-hand car and you realize the grief it is and the tire kickers and the wasters and the people that say.


They’re going to turn up and they don’t yeah or if someone just says a dealer says right we’ll give you gram for your car even though you know it’s worth a number of people that will just say I’ll take the I don want the hassle exactly if you add that up with big ticket items such has.

Property you know this is where the bargains right and again I guess some one in your position that’s buying that mount of property for themselves and for the clients if you can say to an agent yeah I can buy a year or I could buy or a year yeah it’s suddenly it’s just a wholesale deal nice and easy the red carpet comes with a red cup comes out here you go this one hereI’ll go and said I can do with you outwith the owner of the property you know it’s, in turn, it actually turns out where the agents of you know in essence work and on behalf of us to make sure we get the deal because at the end of the day they’re employed by the owner to get a transaction how many get a result and you know