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 Corrossion-resistant metal primer, $7 per gallon, Prepaid freight, restrictions apply..




Secondary ContainmentA high performance epoxy elastomeric designed for spray over geo-textile fabric which cures to a tough, flexible, resilient geo-membrane lining for secondarycontainment. Maintains flexibility and toughness in temperatures as low as 0° F. Excellent spray properties at a convenient 1 to 1 ratio with standard airless sprayers. No special plural-component equipment necessary.

Recommended Uses:

Primarily designed as a secondary containment geo membrane for oil field tank batteries. Does well transitioning onto steel walls, concrete pads, piping, etc. A non-flammable, 100% solids, zero VOC product.

Primer Recommended:

None. Self priming. May be top coated with elastomeric acrylic latex if desired for aesthetics or additional UV protection./

Environmental Codes:

Zero HAPS and VOC

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